Classic Pornstar Queen Seka

If there is one classic lady in adult that will carry the title "Queen of porn", then it will be Seka without a doubt. As a teenager, she entered the porn industry with several Miss titles, making men crazy with her appearance. Many titles of movies were named after her and what we love about Seka is that she never turned against adult and still signs cards for the fans.
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Classic Pornstar Seka
Pornstar Name:
Seka (pronounced as Say-Ka)
Real Name: Dorothea Hundley Patton
Born: 1954 in Virginia
Measurements: 34 C
Height: 5 ft 10"(1.78 m)
Weight: 118 lb (54 kg)
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Ethnicity: Irish, Native American
Aliases: Platinum Princess, Dotty, Sweet Alice, Linda Grasser
Movies: - Interracial DP - Swedish Erotica vol. 26
- Big tits & Hot buns - Swedish Erotica vol. 27
- Blue Ribon Blue - Caballero Classics
- Seka's Fantasies - Caballero Classics
- Young Starletts - Sunshine Films
- Curious Housewives - Sunshine Films
& many more!

Seka's teenage life

Seka was born and raised in Radford Virginia. She attended high school in Hopewell and as a teenager, she won a number of beauty pageants, including "Miss Hopewell High School" and "Miss Southside Virginia". Seka ran several adult bookstores in the 1970s, until she moved to Las Vegas. While there, she did her first nude layout before eventually returning to Virginia. The layout brought an offer to shoot her first short film of pornography in Baltimore while still a teenager.

A good representation of women

"At the time 8-millimeter films were the big things. I had to splice them together for the peepshow booths that were in the back of the store. Naturally I watched the films and I thought to myself, “These women don't look that good, and they are not a fair representation of women.” I figured I could do better and I did. I tried hard to show how women should be represented in adult films."

Scenes from Swedish Erotica 27 - Big Tits & Hot Buns

A maximum exposure

Her first major hit was "Blonde Fire," made in 1978. She exploded onto the scene just as porn was making the switch to video, and consequently became a major star at a time of maximum exposure. Her films are among the most popular erotica of the 1980s. Seka became so popular that her name was used in many of her movie titles, such as "Cumshots With Seka," "Taste Of Seka", "Seka's Dreams," "My Sister Seka ," "Seka & Desiree's Sex," "The Seka Story," and "Seka Takes Her Man."

Mainstream successes

Her celebrity outside of the porn world (she even made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live) established the grounds for later stars like Jenna Jameson who does prime-time guest appearances and has her own action figure.
Seka's last film was "Careful he May be Watching," made in 1986.

Seka in the 70's
Queen of Porn
Seka in the 80's

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